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Robots Out of Control: Risks and Accidents at Work
Isabella V




In 2021, a Tesla software engineer was injured gravementa by a robot while working on car assembly in the Austin,Texas factory.

The robot plunged its metal claws into the engineer’s arm, immobilizing him.

Colleagues promptly shut down the machine using the emergency button, but the engineer suffered a deep injury to his left hand and lost a lot of blood, according to the injury document submitted to Travis County.

In 2022, nearly one out of every 21 workers at Tesla’s Giga factory in Texas suffered on-the-job injuries. Elon Musk criticized the media for filming an accident two years ago with a Kuka industrial robotic arm, insinuating that it was caused by the humanoid robot Optimus.

Musk commented on X that this type of robotic arm is common in all factories.

This is not an isolated case, however; in fact, on November 8, 2023, in South Korea, a worker was crushed by a robotic arm that mistook him for a box of peppers.

In 1981, Kenji Urada, an employee of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, died from a defective robot.

In 2007, a robotic anti-aircraft gun accidentally killed nine South African soldiers.

These incidents were publicized through injury reports submitted to regulatory authorities.

With the next generation of humanoid robots destined to work side by side with humans in factories, new safety measures are needed to avoid accidents.

These AI-powered robots must be safe and reliable, and recent accidents highlight the need for stringent regulations.

Therefore, to ensure safety in technological innovation in the factories of the future, it is crucial to implement appropriate regulations.