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Apple integrates ChatGPT into iOS 18 without upfront fees
Isabella V




Apple announced the integration of ChatGPT into its iOS 18 operating system, generating great interest among users.

However, a recent Bloomberg report by Mark Gurman reveals that the agreement between Apple and OpenAI does not involve any immediate financial transactions.

Apple will not pay OpenAI for this integration.

The real benefit to OpenAI is access to Apple’s vast user base through the inclusion of ChatGPT in Siri and other writing tools.

This exposure is considered more valuable than direct financial compensation.

According to anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg, Apple sees this opportunity as a powerful form of promotion, comparable, if not superior, to a monetary gain.

In addition, Bloomberg indicates that Apple plans to establish " Revenue sharing" agreements with AI companies in the future, allowing Apple to earn a percentage of the revenue generated by AI partners on its platforms.

This approach aligns with Apple’s goal of incorporating advanced AI features into its devices and creating new revenue streams.

ChatGPT integration in iOS 18, iPadOS 18and macOS Sequoia will be free and optional.

Users with a ChatGPT Plus subscription will be able to take advantage of additional features by logging into their account.

Currently, the ChatGPT app allows users to purchase ChatGPT Plus through Apple’s in-app purchase system, guaranteeing apple a 15-30% percentage on subscriptions.

The partnership between Apple and OpenAI focuses primarily on strategic value and long-term potential, rather than immediate financial gain.

By integrating ChatGPT into its operating systems, Apple enhances its AI capabilities while simultaneously offering OpenAI greater visibility.

At the same time, the innovations introduced and the collaboration with OpenAI appear to be having a positive impact on the markets, with Apple recently overtaking Microsoft in the ranking of companies with the highest market capitalization.