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Chrome DevTools’ New AI Tool for Console Errors and Warnings
Learn how to use Chrome DevTools’ AI to better understand console errors and warnings.

Chrome DevTools’ new AI feature provides detailed explanations for console errors and warnings, significantly enhancing debugging. Learn how to activate, use, and ensure data security by following the provided requirements and instructions.

Google has introduced a significant feature in Chrome DevTools called Console Insights, which leverages AI to provide detailed explanations for errors and warnings displayed in the development console. This tool is designed to help developers better understand console messages and resolve issues more efficiently. Using Console Insights requires the user to be located in one of the supported regions, be at least 18 years old, use Chrome version 125 or later, be signed into Chrome with a Google account, and have English (US) set as the language in DevTools preferences.

To activate the feature, one needs to open DevTools, access settings, navigate to Preferences > Console, and enable the "Understand console messages with AI" checkbox. If this option cannot be activated, an information icon will indicate which requirements are not met. To get explanations for console messages, visit a demo page, open DevTools, and inspect the page. An "Understand this error" button will appear next to error messages, offering a dialog box with an AI-generated explanation.

During the first use, it is necessary to read and accept the privacy notice and terms of service. After accepting, the AI will generate an explanation that appears below the console error. If the explanation is not satisfactory, additional information can be searched using the "Use search instead" button.

Google collects input data, such as console messages, related source code, and network headers, to provide and improve this service. It is important not to include sensitive information in messages or feedback. The data will be stored anonymously for up to 18 months. This experimental feature may generate inaccurate or offensive information, so it is crucial to always verify the results.

Developers should be aware of potential known issues, such as incorrect explanations and vulnerability to prompt injection attacks, which can alter the AI’s behavior. Google encourages users to provide feedback to improve the quality of generated explanations.


  • Chrome DevTools uses AI for detailed explanations of console errors.
  • Requires Chrome version 125+, Google account, and settings in English (US).
  • Explanations are generated based on messages, stack trace, and network headers.
  • Experimental feature with potential errors and vulnerability to prompt injection.