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Nvidia creates digital twin for Bologna’s Garisenda Tower
Isabella V




Nvidia recently announced an important collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, the University of Bologna and Cineca, to create a digital twin of the Garisenda Tower, one of the city’s two iconic medieval towers.

This project, presented by Mayor Matteo Lepore, will use Nvidia’s Omniverse 3D platform to develop a virtual replica of the 48-meter tower, currently undergoing consolidation work.

The necessary data will be collected through sensors installed on the tower and other city sources.

Cineca’s Leonardo supercomputer will process this information, leveraging AI to create a detailed and responsive virtual replica of the Garisenda.

This technology will make it possible to monitor structural dynamics, identify weak points and perform predictive simulations to improve the tower’s safety.

Lepore pointed out that the digital model will offer the ability to analyze the tower’s responses to various interventions, considering factors such as temperature, wind, vibration, and material composition.

This approach will allow a huge amount of data to be handled in real time.

Currently, the University of Bologna and the municipality are collecting the necessary data to feed the Omniverse platform, which will be transferred to Cineca to take advantage of the computing power of the Leonardo supercomputer.

This pioneering project will use open and interoperable file formats to ensure transparency and accessibility, and the digital model will be available to the public.

Mayor Lepore also pointed out that this project is part of a larger plan to develop the city’s digital twin, aimed at connecting various actors from research, the public and private sectors, and civil society to improve the effectiveness of strategic decisions.

Once validated, the digital model of the Garisenda Tower could be used for other Italian monuments, contributing to their conservation and the preservation of the country’s historical and architectural heritage