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“Apple e OpenAI: partnership strategica per integrare ChatGPT su iPhone”.
Isabella V




Apple’s upcoming developer conference will highlight the integration of ChatGPT into the iPhone operating system, signaling a significant change in the Silicon Valley technology landscape.

Although it is unlikely that Sam Altman will be present at the WWDC keynote, this deal offers OpenAI an opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of Apple users, many of whom may never have used ChatGPT independently.

For Apple, it represents an opportunity to incorporate one of the most advanced AI technologies into its services.

Apple has already implemented several AI features in its devices and through cloud computing, using AI to enhance Siri and Safari.

However, its current chatbot does not compete with industry leaders.

Apple sees the patnership with OpenAI as a temporary solution, aiming to develop superior technologies internally, as it has already demonstrated with the move from Intel chips to its ARM processors.

Bloomberg reports that the decision to partner with OpenAI has been the subject of internal debate, with concerns about the potential reputational risks of a " rogue chatbot" and philosophical resistance.

However, Apple felt that consumers expected advanced technologies on their devices.

Outsourcing the chatbot would allow Apple to offer this feature as an option while maintaining some distance from eventual controversy.

Apple is also in talks with Google to integrate Gemini into its operating systems, offering consumers a choice of different third-party chatbots.

In iOS 18, Apple’s AI innovations will focus on Siri, which will be able to control all app features, operating primarily on the device, while more advanced capabilities will be supported by OpenAI’s cloud servers.

In addition to improving Siri, Apple plans to introduce features such as transcription and summarization of voice memos, website summaries and notifications, automatic message replies, advanced photo editing, and AI-generated emoji.

Apple plans to reassure customers about data protection with an " intelligence report" that will outline the privacy measures taken and avoid building customer profiles.

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