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“Falling in love with an AI ? Picha says : “Let’s get ready ! ”
Isabella V




During the " Google I/O conference, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai discussed the benefits and challenges of AI, addressing the question of whether people can fall in love with an AI.

Jokingly, Pichai premised his love for his wife before seriously answering the question.

Pichai acknowledged that evolving technology can have multiple uses, including the possibility of people developing deep connections with AI assistants, referred to as " AI Agents."

These tools can be especially useful for those with communication difficulties or for preserving memories of loved ones.

Pichai emphasized lìimportance of managing AI responsibly to mitigate any negative consequences.

The CEO also shared his professional "falling in love" with AI, which occurred during a demonstration by the Google Brain team ( now Google DeepMind), when he saw a neural network recognize a cat.

This event made him realize the potential of the technology.

Pichai compared AI to the Internet, describing both technologies as democratic tools that can reduce inequality by providing more people with access to educational and medical resources.

For Pichai, AI has the potential to transform the world, just as the internet did.