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About us

Welcome to Turtle’s AI Magazine, your go-to source for information and insights on artificial intelligence and computer technology in general.

Our goal is to provide updated news, perspectives, and analysis on this innovative technology and its impact on society. Every day, since early 2023, we cover the latest news from the tech world, offering guides and in-depth articles on specific topics to help our readers better understand the various facets of AI.

We are an interdisciplinary team composed of experts with doctorates in computer science, medicine, business, semiotics, and philosophy, working together to blend humanism with technology. We believe that AI can bring significant benefits to society, and we are committed to promoting its responsible use.

Our mission is to spread knowledge and awareness of AI, encourage its use to enhance human capabilities rather than replace them, and research applications that can fill gaps and foster individual expression.

Soon, we will offer specialized courses and additional services, such as consulting for businesses and individuals, to support you in facing a constantly changing world and making the most of the potential offered by the many technological tools available.

Join us in exploring the numerous possibilities of AI. Our vision is clear: advancing society while keeping humans at the forefront.


"In fact, on a scale of one to ten, think of me as an... eleven" (cit. Automan)