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Dall-E 3 will bring chatGPT into images
  This convergence was just a matter of time. OpenAI's new Dall-E 3 AI art generator uses ChatGPT conversations to create images, making the process more interactive and accessible. OpenAI has unveiled a new version of its AI image generator Dall-E that is powered by the company's popular chatbot ChatGPT. Dubbed Dall-E 3, the new system allows users to create images simply by having conversations with ChatGPT to generate detailed prompts, instead of having to come up with complex text descriptions themselves. This more interactive approach aims to make it easier for more people to use Dall-E to generate high-quality and creative images. Dall-E 3 also produces images that more accurately match prompts, especially lengthy ones, and handles things like text and hands better. OpenAI says the latest version has mechanisms to reduce bias and improve safety, such as rejecting inappropriate content and letting artists opt out of having their work used for training. The launch comes as competition in AI image generation is intensifying with other companies like Midjourney and Stability AI. Highlights: - Dall-E 3 powered by ChatGPT conversations for easier image prompts - Aims to make AI art more accessible and interactive - Produces images that better match detailed prompts - Has new safety features like opt-outs for artists The upcoming launch of Dall-E 3 represents an exciting evolution in AI-generated art, with the ChatGPT integration promising to open up creative possibilities for more users. Will this system be even more powerful than Stable Diffusion XL and Midjourney 5.2? Have your say!