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Nougat Converts Scientific PDFs to Text
  A new #AI model called #Nougat can convert #images of academic #papers into formatted text, parsing complex layouts and math formulas without traditional #OCR. A new machine learning model called Nougat, developed by researchers at Meta AI, can convert images of scientific document pages into formatted markup text. Nougat is a visual transformer model trained to perform optical character recognition on academic papers and research documents. The model can parse complex layouts and mathematical expressions without relying on embedded PDF text or OCR engines. Nougat was trained on a novel dataset constructed from arXiv papers and their LaTeX source code. The researchers propose an automatic pipeline to extract text and images from PDFs, match them to LaTeX sources, and convert to a lightweight markup language. Initial results on a test set of arXiv papers show Nougat can accurately convert document images into structured text, outperforming previous methods like GROBID. The researchers highlight Nougat's potential to enhance accessibility of scientific literature by bridging image-based PDFs and machine-readable text. More on the GitHub page clicking here or in the original article, clicking here. Highlights: - Nougat model converts document images to markup text - Trained on dataset of arXiv papers matched to LaTeX sources - Parses complex layouts and math expressions without OCR - Outperforms previous methods like GROBID on test set - Potential to enhance accessibility of scientific literature   This new AI capability to convert image-based scientific documents into structured machine-readable text has exciting potential. However, as authors increasingly adopt PDF for document publishing, what are the implications for preservation and searchability of research? Could an over-reliance on parsing PDF images discourage proper structuring of documents in the first place? I invite readers to share perspectives on how innovations like Nougat could impact accessibility and discoverability of scholarship.