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LexisNexis Launches Generative AI for Law
  #LexisNexis launched #Lexis+ #AI, a new #generativeAI platform to transform legal work through advanced natural language processing tools like conversational search and document summarization. LexisNexis recently announced the launch of Lexis+ AI, a new generative AI platform designed to transform legal work through the use of advanced natural language processing capabilities. The Lexis+ AI platform leverages LexisNexis' extensive collection of legal documents and records to deliver trusted and comprehensive results to users. The platform's key features include conversational search to simplify complex research, summarization to provide insights into legal documents, and document drafting to generate legal contracts and other documents. LexisNexis collaborated with leading law firms to develop Lexis+ AI, incorporating feedback from early users. The company has a long history of experience with AI and takes a responsible approach to developing these new capabilities. LexisNexis follows established AI ethics principles and employs safeguards to prevent bias and protect sensitive data. The launch of Lexis+ AI represents a major step in bringing advanced AI technology to the legal industry. With its unparalleled legal content resources, LexisNexis is positioned to be a leader in professional-grade legal AI tools. The company aims to help lawyers dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of their work through generative AI.   Highlights: - LexisNexis launched Lexis+ AI, a generative AI platform for the legal industry. - The platform uses advanced natural language processing for features like conversational search and summarization. - Lexis+ AI aims to help lawyers work more efficiently and effectively. - LexisNexis collaborated with law firms to develop the platform. - The company takes a responsible approach to AI development.   The launch of Lexis+ AI represents an important milestone in bringing generative AI capabilities to the legal profession. As this powerful technology continues maturing, it will be critical that providers like LexisNexis maintain high ethical standards and prioritize lawyer's needs when developing new AI tools. I invite readers to share their thoughts on the promises and potential pitfalls of generative AI for law practice. How can we best leverage AI to improve legal work while also protecting the profession's core values?