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Google Expands AI Infrastructure Offerings
  #Google announced major upgrades to its #AI #infrastructure offerings, including #Cloud #TPU #v5e for cost-efficient large model training and inference, and #A3 #VMs with #NVIDIA #H100 #GPUs for demanding AI workloads. Google announced major enhancements to its portfolio of AI-optimized infrastructure offerings, including the introduction of Cloud TPU v5e in preview and the upcoming general availability of A3 virtual machines (VMs) powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Cloud TPU v5e delivers up to 2x higher training performance and up to 2.5x higher inference performance for large language models and generative AI compared to the previous generation Cloud TPU v4, while costing less than half as much. This makes it possible for more organizations to train and deploy larger AI models. TPU v5e pods allow interconnecting up to 256 chips with over 400 Tb/s aggregate bandwidth. Google is also making TPUs easier to use at scale with the general availability of Cloud TPU support in Google Kubernetes Engine and managed Vertex AI, as well as built-in support for frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, and JAX. New Multislice technology allows scaling training jobs beyond physical TPU pod boundaries to tens of thousands of chips. The upcoming general availability of A3 VMs will provide NVIDIA H100 GPUs delivering 3x faster training and 10x more networking bandwidth versus the prior generation. A3 VMs are optimized for large language models and can scale to tens of thousands of GPUs. By offering a range of compute options across TPUs, GPUs and CPUs, Google Cloud aims to provide flexibility for customers to choose infrastructure tailored to their AI workloads. Highlights:
  • - Cloud TPU v5e brings substantially improved cost-efficiency and versatility for large language models and generative AI.
  • - A3 VMs with NVIDIA H100 GPUs provide massive leaps in performance and scale for demanding AI workloads.
  • - Integration with Kubernetes Engine, Vertex AI, and multislice technology simplify operating at scale.
  • - Providing CPU, GPU, and TPU options allows flexibility to choose ideal infrastructure.
The rapid advancement of large language models and generative AI places huge demands on computing infrastructure. Google Cloud's latest offerings aim to provide the performance, efficiency, scale, and ease of use needed to empower these transformative technologies. What challenges do you see in deploying and operating infrastructure for demanding AI workloads? How do Cloud TPU v5e and A3 VMs address these needs? Please share your perspectives on the strategic importance of optimized infrastructure as AI continues its exponential growth.