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New Bing Chat on Google Chrome
  #Microsoft has opened up #AI #chatbot #Bing #Chat to #Chrome #desktop users, no longer restricting the #ChatGPT-based #interface primarily to #Edge. Microsoft has officially extended support for its AI-powered Bing Chat feature to Google's Chrome web browser on desktop platforms. Previously, Bing Chat was primarily restricted to Microsoft's own Edge browser. This expansion now allows Chrome users on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems to access the ChatGPT-based chatbot directly within Chrome. Users simply need to update to the latest stable version of Chrome and navigate to to launch the Bing Chat interface. They may need to sign in with a Microsoft account before conversing with the chatbot. Mobile access on Chrome is still limited, with Bing Chat only working fully on the desktop version for now. Microsoft stated this elevated cross-browser support makes Bing Chat more widely accessible, though it still functions best on Edge. Safari browser support is also rolling out in a limited capacity. The chatbot is additionally available through the SwiftKey mobile keyboard app without needing a Microsoft account for a restricted number of conversations per day. Overall, this update removes the Edge browser requirement to use Bing Chat on desktop. With Chrome holding over 60% of the global browser market share, this significantly expands the potential user base that can now access the AI chat technology Microsoft has invested heavily in. It represents a continued expansion of Bing Chat across platforms beyond Microsoft's own ecosystem. Highlights: - Bing Chat now available directly within the latest Chrome desktop browser - Eliminates need for Microsoft Edge to access AI chatbot on Windows, Mac, Linux - Part of ongoing expansion beyond Microsoft platforms and accounts - Still limited access on mobile, works fully on desktop - Microsoft says Edge still provides an optimal experience   As a long-time Chrome user myself, I'm pleased to see Microsoft enabling Bing Chat within Chrome on desktops. This kind of cross-platform support is a savvy move that will make the AI chatbot more accessible and drive increased engagement. I'm curious how seamlessly it functions compared to the native integration with Edge though. What has your experience been accessing and using Bing Chat through different browsers? Does expanded browser support impact your likelihood of trying the AI interface? I invite readers to share their thoughts on this development.