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OpenAI Acquires Creative AI Startup
  Artificial intelligence firm #OpenAI has acquired #startup Global Illumination. Global Illumination's team, which has experience designing products at Instagram, Facebook and more, will join OpenAI. OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research company, has acquired Global Illumination, a startup founded by Thomas Dimson, Taylor Gordon, and Joey Flynn, it announced on Wednesday. The entire team from Global Illumination, which has been leveraging AI to build creative tools, infrastructure, and digital experiences, has joined OpenAI. According to OpenAI, Global Illumination's team has previously designed and built products early on at Instagram and Facebook. They have also made significant contributions at YouTube, Google, Pixar, Riot Games, and other major companies. With this acquisition, OpenAI aims to strengthen its core products including ChatGPT, its viral conversational AI chatbot. The company said it is "very excited for the impact they’ll have here at OpenAI." Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Highlights:
  • - OpenAI acquired startup Global Illumination, founded by Thomas Dimson, Taylor Gordon and Joey Flynn.
  • - Global Illumination's entire team, experienced in building AI creative tools and products, joined OpenAI.
  • - The team has previously worked at Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Pixar and Riot Games.
  • - OpenAI aims to leverage the team's expertise to strengthen products like viral chatbot ChatGPT.
  This is an exciting acquisition for OpenAI as it looks to expand its team of product designers and developers. Global Illumination's experience creating innovative AI systems for major tech firms could be invaluable as OpenAI aims to take conversational AI like ChatGPT mainstream. It will be interesting to see what new capabilities and features OpenAI can build by leveraging this team's creativity and technical skills. What possibilities do you envision for OpenAI's products given this addition to their team? I'd love to hear your thoughts.