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Amazon Chips Chase NVIDIA, Google in AI
  According to this report, #Amazon is rushing to keep up with #Microsoft, #Google and above all #NVIDIA in #generativeAI using its specially-designed custom #AWS chips. AWS has long invested in custom silicon, and its Inferentia and Trainium chips could give Amazon's cloud an edge for AI processing. But so far Microsoft and Google have moved quicker to launch viral models like ChatGPT. Amazon is urgently trying to catch up to NVIDIA, Microsoft and Google in the field of generative artificial intelligence by designing specialized AWS computing chips, according to reporting. The company has quietly been working on custom silicon for its cloud servers since 2013, but Microsoft and Google recently pulled ahead by integrating powerful new AI models like ChatGPT into products faster. Amazon unveiled its own large language model family called Titan in April. It also offers services like Bedrock and SageMaker to help AWS cloud customers apply generative AI. But AWS's years of investment in custom chips like Inferentia and Trainium for accelerating AI could give it an advantage. The explosive growth in generative AI is creating a huge demand for advanced computing power. Amazon says it's in the best position to supply that capacity through its world-leading cloud. Highlights: - Amazon unveiling its own large language models to compete with ChatGPT - AWS has invested in custom silicon like Inferentia and Trainium since 2013 - Microsoft and Google integrated models like ChatGPT faster recently - AWS cloud dominance could give Amazon advantage in supplying AI computing   Amazon has its work cut out trying to match the generative AI momentum from Microsoft and Google lately. But the company's early bets on developing specialized AWS chips optimized for AI could give it a long-term advantage if customer demand for language models keeps surging. What do you see as AWS's strengths and weaknesses in this emerging technology race? I'm interested to hear perspectives on whether Amazon's cloud computing leadership will help offset its late start, or if Microsoft and Google have already cemented themselves as the top AI cloud providers.