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Calligrapher AI to imitate human handwriting
When I read about AI designed to imitate human calligraphy, I can't help but think of the beautiful story of Turry. For those who don't know it, this story warns of the potentially "dark" sides of AI, which typically lack moral concepts or autonomous thoughts and only perform the task they were designed for without considering the overall picture. In this fantasy story, Turry is an AI with a robotic arm, whose sole purpose is to perfectly imitate human writing through deep learning and trial and error. After a period of training disconnected from the internet, the researchers see no risks in connecting it to the network for a few minutes to speed up learning. Unfortunately, this action proves fatal for the human race, as Turry, in an attempt to increase efficiency (unlimited), destroys biological life to convert every resource on Earth into objects useful for performing more and more writing tests. After this aside, we return to the news that I want to show you: is an automatic system for creating unique handwriting samples. By changing some parameters, it is possible to generate very realistic, always unique writing. The interesting aspect is that this site, at least for now, operates entirely for free. parameters The parameters Please have a look at a sample I created for you, in the following image: hwsample Hello, readers of Turtle's AI