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Quora Poe gets updated (and enhanced)
  #Quora #Poe, the service that hosts #Turtle's AI-customized #chatbots, most notably the award-winning #VinoVerse, gets updated. With the increasing power of #AI, Poe has just launched a major update to help people take advantage of their new language models (LLM, see our guides to know more about them). Their breakthrough tools like file uploading and URL retrieval allow users to give documents and webpages as context to conversations. Some new models now span 100,000-word windows, larger than most books. The just released Claude 2, which we talked about yesterday, gets added to Poe. With its massive window size, it outperforms the first Claude in complex reasoning. Also, Poe's new sharing feature lets people continue each other's conversations, greatly expanding the knowledge that can be gained. However, scaling language models requires massive computational resources and expertise, leaving some to question whether these advances truly benefit everyone. At Turtle's AI, we firmly try to spread knowledge about the rising AI field so that most people will be able to leverage these fantastic new tools.