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NVIDIA, Microsoft empower generative AI apps on Windows
  With #generative #AI advancing rapidly and improving productivity, #contentcreation and #gaming, #NVIDIA and #Microsoft are working more closely to equip #Windows #developers for the AI revolution. At a recent event, the two companies showcased #Windows11 advancements with NVIDIA #RTX #GPUs to meet AI demands. More than 400 Windows apps already use AI accelerated by RTX Tensor Cores. The announcements will empower developers to build generative AI apps: - NVIDIA GPUs now fully support Linux subsystem in Windows, enabling local AI model development. RTX graphics allow large models that were previously only on servers. - Microsoft's Olive toolchain optimizes PyTorch models for RTX Tensor Core acceleration and ONNX deployment to PCs or the cloud. - New NVIDIA drivers and "Max-Q inferencing" improve AI performance and efficiency on laptops. Top developers like Adobe and DxO have incorporated NVIDIA RTX technology, and say they are seeing up to 2x faster AI. Resources are available for developers to test large language models on Windows PCs. Namely, from NVIDIA blog: "Once deployed, generative AI models demand incredible inference performance. RTX Tensor Cores deliver up to 1,400 Tensor TFLOPS for AI inferencing. Over the last year, NVIDIA has worked to improve DirectML performance to take full advantage of RTX hardware. On May 24, we’ll release our latest optimizations in Release 532.03 drivers that combine with Olive-optimized models to deliver big boosts in AI performance. Using an Olive-optimized version of the Stable Diffusion text-to-image generator with the popular Automatic1111 distribution, performance is improved over 2x with the new driver." The drivers are now available @ NVIDIA.