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Upscaler API from Stability AI
  #Stability #AI, a leading provider of AI-powered #image #generation (most notably #StableDiffusion) and editing tools, has announced the release of its latest #API – the Image #Upscaling API. This revolutionary #tool allows users to increase the #size of any image without sacrificing its #sharpness, making it a game-changer for digital imagery. For years, it has been a major challenge to upscale small images without compromising their quality. However, with the Image Upscaling API, users can now upscale their images while maintaining, and even improving, their level of detail. This is achieved through the use of two open source models – the super-fast Real-ESRGAN and the ‘latent’ Stable Diffusion 4x Upscaler. The Real-ESRGAN model can double the resolution of a typical 512x512 image in just half a second, while the Stable Diffusion 4x Upscaler takes between 20 to 40 seconds to enlarge an image but provides more detailed results with a richer texture. Both models can be used to upscale any image, regardless of whether it was generated using the Stability API or not. One of the key advantages of the latent Stable Diffusion 4x Upscaler is its advanced diffusion process, which increases the perceived level of detail while upscaling the input image. This aligns with Stability AI’s vision to continuously enrich the Image Upscaling API with state-of-the-art models as they become available. Image upscaling is an effective way to enlarge both local images and images generated via the Stability API. Rather than generating an image at a larger size, users can now simply scale up the dimensions of an image that already suits their needs. By using this API, the cost of image upscaling is 0.2 credits per request. The introduction of the Image Upscaling API marks a major milestone for Stability AI and its commitment to providing cutting-edge tools for image generation and editing. With its revolutionary technology, users can now upscale their images with ease and achieve stunning results. p.s.: you can check our own review of Topaz Gigapixel, a commercial software that does something similar.