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China’s Minister praises chatGPT, emphasizes ethics
  Minister Wang Zhigang praised ChatGPT for its real-time response capabilities and noted that China has made some achievements in natural language processing and understanding. China's Ministry of Science and Technology admits that the country has some catching up to do in the field of AI, specifically in relation to San Francisco-based start-up OpenAI's hit product ChatGPT. The explosive popularity of ChatGPT has sparked conversations in China about the direction of the domestic AI industry. As a result, many of China's largest tech firms have pledged to develop their own alternatives to ChatGPT. Still, they may face challenges related to censorship and the procurement of computing power. In any way, Wang has urged Chinese scientists and companies to prioritize the ethical use and development of AI. At the opening of the first session of the 14th National People's Congress in Beijing on March 5, 2023, Wang emphasized the need for responsible use of AI technology while taking advantage of its benefits. Wang noted that China has conducted extensive research in natural language processing and understanding, which has enabled the development of AI chatbots such as ChatGPT. ChatGPT has become a global sensation due to its ability to generate coherent and detailed responses to a wide range of inquiries, from essay prompts to computer coding. While Wang encourages more people to create better AI products, he also stresses the importance of scientific and technological ethics. He proposes an eight-item principle on AI governance that prioritizes AI's safe, fair, and responsible use. China has also developed various AI applications, such as smart ports, to promote the commercialization of AI technologies. Wang hopes that AI can contribute to China's socioeconomic growth and that Chinese researchers and companies can also contribute to the global development of AI. By prioritizing ethical AI practices, China aims to promote the responsible use of AI while reaping its benefits for socio-economic growth.